Events in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is an analytical tool for websites and apps that track the data about users and their behavior in the platform. Google Analytics 4 got...
Off-page SEO

Best off-page SEO practices | Complete off-page SEO guide – 2021

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a process where you improve your website in a way that it gets to rank in SERP( Search Engine Result Page)to drive more...

Emotional aspect to the customer journey

The leading consumer brands have managed to be victorious.  How was it attainable for the brands to have done it? Also, Which was the area of...
lead generation for small business

Lead generation tips for small business

Lead generation is an essential component in the business game, no matter how big or small a business is. If you want your business to grow...

How to position a brand voice.

Brand Voice-  A guide to discovering yours.   With all the branding efforts into your business, Imagine how it looks without a voice on to it. 
Google analytics metrics

What are the KPI Metrics in Google analytics and what they mean?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool when it comes to digital marketing, it lets you track a ton of things related to your website organic or paid.

Free SEO tools that you can start using today.

So, you are a digital marketer trying to find the best companion in his “adventures of digital marketing”.  I got you, in this blog I have...

Social Media pain points

No pain, No gain- How to overcome your social media barrier?  Social media is an everyday tool for brands to reach out to their audience. 

B2B Branding Strategies

We all are convinced enough to have branding as a strategy for every industry, But is B2B taking it up seriously?  Business to business marketing is...

Marketer’s trend in 2020

Global customers are right around the corner, dive into your audience segment in a better way to reach their ask.  Digital marketing innovations have contributed various...