Stuck, can’t get a word writing a blog.

Well, it sucks!!

Every day millions of blogs get uploaded to search engines with the intent of earning money, yet many get lost in the piles of search engine results, Creating an ultimate go-to blog can be hard to pull across. 

I have decided to share some of the blog writing tips for better blog writing.

Words are a powerful way of expressing, with an increase in people searching for meaningful things online every day, writing blogs should be about providing value to the reader.

You see most people visiting your blog, end up leaving without even reading it and the worst part is sometimes people don’t even notice, making your blog look like a muddle.

Write blogs about what you love.

Blog writing can take years of perfection to be crisp and precise, people read blogs to get inspired and for insightful know-how. Thus, writing blogs on what you love instead of what you know already can have a significant advantage.

You will have a great enthusiasm about what you do, your thoughts are free to flow and you will be able to pen down more because it is from within, so writing what you love can get the best out of you

Go niche.

What does it mean?

Narrow down your blog to super-specific topics, write blogs around one specific subject that you’re totally into leaving no stone unturned, inspiring many more with your words. 

For example,

Travel blog is a really broad subject, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs about traveling, experiences and so on, so narrow it down to being specific like backpacking travel in India or something like that.

You will have higher chances of people visiting your page, converting into your subscribers, and also being easier to rank.

Writer’s block is delusional

Feeling all fired up about writing the first blog, but can’t write a single word out of your mind, I’m sure you might have experienced this. 

Blanking out is terrible, it can get you irritated. 9 out of 10 writers experience writer’s block, most often we crumble ourselves with deadlines and other distractions which makes us feel stressed out. 

meme about blog writing


Some people even throw themselves up getting frustrated and angry, by understanding that this is a common problem, and making peace with the situation solves it.

Humans are the only creatures who get frustrated and angry for being angry, sounds so ridiculous right.

Will you believe me if I say, our own mind creates writer’s block.

So the next time you can’t think of something for your blog, don’t force yourself, words might just fall out of your brain a little later when you sit in peace or in between a task that eases your mind.

Find your inspiration

Getting inspired is the biggest challenge, certainly writing is a hard one. inspiration is just a way of denial, we play the blame game in the name of inspiration. 

Now, let me explain to you why so? 

The need of seeking inspiration to write a blog ends up finding ways to procrastinate, as we get stuck in a cycle of higher and lower motivation. 

Find a necessity in doing what you do, pick up niches which really excites you.

A quick tip, Find places where you can surround yourself comfortable with, that way you can stay motivated although.

Blog writing style and grammar

High-quality blogs have a rich reading experience, letting readers understand from the shoes of a writer.

Each blog should follow a different writing style addressing its readers, this blog has a casual tone to it, whereas academic blogs should follow a formal tone without any addressing names (you or I ). 

Finally, something we all make mistakes on, grammatical errors is not something to be casual about, using tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway for better sentence structures. Use varied sentence structures, it becomes monotonous when sentences are of the same length. Most people skim articles before they read, nobody wants to read sentences jammed with a bunch of words, then it becomes a fluff. 

Stick to the content

Content Off-track hurts your blog the most, it annoys people, confuses them. Stick to the same topic throughout the whole blog, relevant to the title. 

Knowing how to start your blog with a banging title is definitely gonna make your readers stay for a little longer. It guarantees, your readers will read at least 65% of your content.

A blog on “types of pet foods” should not talk about “how to raise pets” or links related to pet shops. This negates the topic being totally irrelevant as they are two different things.

Trim unwanted fats, be crisp and direct

Rephrasing, trim unwanted facts of long texts being clear and direct to what you have to say, seems to lose its punch being bore.

Understand your audience

The first step to writing a blog is understanding what you write and who you write for, gather as much information there is, creating a better version. 

Catering to your audience expectation, if you already own a blog, as for beginners work on improving a previously published blog. This technique helps you get started, without starting from scratch. This technique of “skyscraper” is effective as you are building upon a better existing Blog, ensuring your blog to rank easily.

Write for SEO

Having an A-class article might have helped ranking 10 years ago, for now without search engine optimization, you’re not getting anywhere. SEO helps Google and other search engine bots in understanding your blog. Well researched keywords, schema markups, backlink strategies, and website analytics are all part of your SEO.

Professional blogging platforms like medium, Hubpages focus more on the quality of content and backlinks not much on SEO.

Starring your own blogging platform comes with a lot of SEO optimization on the site. shows you search with higher traffic, writing blogs on topics having higher potential traffic leads to better possibilities.

List out blogs of similar niche and Email them asking out for linking to your site, this way you can get traffic from other blogs but make sure that those sites are of higher authority.


You don’t need any qualification or required to be a writer to run a successful blog, often what you need is to give yourself some time working on your skill to write what you love, the way you feel motivated thinking about it, and keep doing it repeatedly, every time.

Trying to impress all your readers will be a waste of time, you don’t need everyone to follow your blog.

Perhaps, writing how you see things and believe might be a good opinion, for ultimately building your brand awareness.

The first step is to start, go start your blog right away.


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