A leader’s role is not to control people or stay on top of things, but rather to guide, energize and excite — Jack welch

At tough times, it all comes down to the one who is determined

to lead the pack,
take over to bring a change,
be the one to visionise how it would be.

This quote of Jack welch had me thinking, for in situations like present where there is complete slowdown of economies across the globe.

The one who precedes to see the future, stay afloat and lead the team , knows what he is doing.

Dozens of businesses closing,
Hundreds of startups don’t see a future,
A million losing out on employment all over,

Where is the leader who wanted it all put together to take it to the peak, what happened to the vision when it was all formed, where is the mission statement written in bold.

Are they all just on paper,
Are they all mere sentence,
Are they all only jargons.

Are we short of real Leaders — still pondering…………….


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