We all are convinced enough to have branding as a strategy for every industry, But is B2B taking it up seriously? 

Business to business marketing is a practice followed to sell to other businesses or organizations. Compared to consumer brands, the approach for B2B marketing is slightly different, as well quite challenging for marketers to drive results on the B2B segment. 

But definitely there is a solution to everything. 

At Contique global, our customers are from other businesses or organizations, who are into the B2B segment as well.

As B2B marketers we focus on breaking this barrier and move forward in a more effective manner. 

Why B2B branding should not be ignored! 

For a long time, the perspective of B2B branding has been taken very lightly- most of them don’t even find it necessary. 

Let me state this with an example- 

Our mind is perceived to see the product with the brand name more than the company name! Hence the consumer market focuses on branding products rather than a larger company. 

But in the B2B segment, it is very important to take up master branding, which is focusing on branding the parent company along with the product to reach the right segment of the audience. 

The focus of the B2B segment is to be laid on emotional brandings, like keeping it straight forward on your presentations to the clients or vendors to create a positive association with the company and sync with the company’s vision and mission. 

While marketing completely depends on the audience, creating one that is engaging in a competitive strategy, might seem a bit tricky-  but nothing like it if the formula for metrics is set right. 

( Source- Webbiquity.com ) 

Most of the B2B companies drawback from direct marketing due to budget constraints. 

Practically seeing B2B sales cards are generally high compared to B2C, so managing the cost of marketing is not that risky as the B2C segment faces. 

Let’s get deeper into strengthening your B2B branding. 

 Enroute to B2B branding 

  > B2B brand Positioning 

The most crucial part of branding, How you position yourself is how your audience is going to see you. 

When I talk about this it’s important to note, do not get confused with reputation and Brand, They are completely different 

Reputation is focused on internal management- employees, stakeholders,  regulators, it’s gained over a period with the society, local communities and so. 

While the brand is mainly customer-centric,  it’s all about your product, services, commitment, and promises made to the customer. 

If you’re a starter, begin with good research on brand positioning by tracking your  KPI( Key performance indicators) through brand metrics. 

  • Perception Metrics 
  • Performance Metrics 
  • Behaviour Metrics 

If you are still confused about how to start, visit your competitor and have a glance at how they have positioned themselves in the marketplace. That might cut you through the clutter. 

Remember, Brand positioning is not just responsible for marketer’s but it’s the responsibility of everybody in the organization. 

> B2B brand design

Ah, so we are here. 

Before we start, clear this on your mind, “ Design is not just a logo “ 

Let’s state the most capturing part, that help us remember the product/ service 

  • Colour 
  • Wrap of the product 
  • Also logo 
  • slogan at times 
  • Uniqueness 

Since we shortlisted, it’s made your job easier. 

First, I would like to mention that they do not have complexity in the logo or the company name, “ keeping it simple” is the key.

Maximum a logo can have 3 colors – do not go beyond that. 

Follow the same texture and pattern everywhere- social media post, letterhead, company PPT, even the interiors of offices as well.

Have a strong note on-brand message, talk about it everywhere.

Fonts, there are thousands of them, it’s fun to use. But no have restricted fonts not too fancy “ Simple – Bold – Attractive “ 

Keep your design cohesive- set guidelines and follow them 


Examples of the most famous brands that have revamped their logo as they developed. 

> B2B storytelling 

Along with the technique and logic in marketing, it’s important to have creativity. 

Use storytelling mainly for creating a personal value to your brand. 

Writing and talking seems a lot to appeal and connect the buyer’s emotion. But do it by conveying a story of what you are? What problem do you solve? And how do you solve it? 

The often-heard question is  – What is good storytelling? 

Simple, all marketers are storytellers in a way or so. Set your story informational more than promotional. 

For example- Google rocks it every time with its storytelling, making it perfectly informational to the viewers. 

One of them is here, Google Universal app campaign. 

It’s very easy for B2C to catch the touchpoints of the consumer but don’t forget though you are dealing with B2B it is still us, humans you are connecting to. 

Add emotions into your storytelling, give imagination to your audience on how the pain point is, and make their life easier.  

Be completely logical, do not have extra gigs, focus on your narration, add appropriate visuals to it, and try including customer feedback into the story – it will help in influencing purchasing decisions. 

> B2B Social media Strategy 

Most of the people I have spoken to gave an expression of, Social media is not that important for B2B effective strategy on increasing leads or engaging audiences as well as for upfront sales. 

I don’t know how they consider the same not important, but I can state why it is actually necessary. 

Your confusion with B2B not being as interesting as B2C, what do I post is something I can relate to.

You can post everything on social media, about yourself, your company, motto, and much more as well. 

Have your goals straight

  • Reach 
  • Impression 
  • Engagement 
  • Followers

Initially start focusing on the reach with your contents, do not hesitate to do experiments with your contents. 

Some brands have mistaken social media strategy as just posting a post or tweeting on platforms, it just doesn’t stop with it. Go beyond and create a personality to your page. 

You can do that by setting your voice clear and giving a bit of human touch.

“Especially – Conversation tone“ 

As per the content marketing institute, 63% of marketers rated LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform. Also, keep in mind to not restrict yourself from any social media platform. 

“ Optimize the content accordingly to every platform” 

> B2B content marketing 

Content marketing is something most of you would have adopted already. 

I’ll put across how better you can improvise on it. 

Let’s simplify the most influential ways to reach out to your audience. 

  • Blog Post 
  • Infographics 
  • Website 
  • White papers 

Start understanding your current position and measure the gap. Once you are clear where you need to head, then start building strategies around it. 

Create content based on your target buyer’s persona, having a vast content will make it difficult to reach to your target audience- “ Be Specific “

Remember to stay consistent with your marketing strategy and make sure your blogs are updated frequently. 


The only way to distinguish your brand from your competitor is communication through marketing. Focus on creating a strong “know-how” and strengthening your marketing message. 

Marketing is not a complex thing, it’s fun when you do it right. The importance of uplifting marketing does not belong only to sales, more to it is creating your mark in society, letting people know what you do, and to create an immersive journey. 

The product/service is given life through a Marketer, it sustains longer if it is given in an ethical manner.


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