A image of neon light handshake expressing, customer relationship

What is Customer Journey Mapping and How Touchpoints Impacts Customer journey

Customer journey can be a tricky one!! With this article I’ll do you one better, giving you a better picture of the customer journey.
A image of high rise corporate business buildings

Surefire Ways to Promote Your Business Online.

If you are a beginner to promote your business online then you are in the right place.  Before knowing the tricks and tactics to promote your...
Emotional marketing

Emotional Marketing | Winning Consumer’s Heart

Emotional marketing refers to marketing efforts, which create emotional feelings among consumers, influencing them into share, remember, buy. #shareacoke  Remember this ad, an...
Blog writing pad with pencil

7 Blog writing tips for better blog posts.

Stuck, can't get a word writing a blog. Well, it sucks!! Every day millions of blogs get uploaded to search engines...
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