So, you are a digital marketer trying to find the best companion in his “adventures of digital marketing”. 

I got you, in this blog I have put together some of the best free SEO tools that you can find online to improve your SEO. As a digital marketer, seeing that your website scaling organically is like a sugar rush but it takes a lot of time and effort in doing so.

Keyword planner

This is a free tool by google developed for google ads, which also has a significant advantage when it comes to organic keyword research.

Keyword Planner helps you discover new keywords or find out the search volume for a given set of keywords, to discover new keywords, keyword planner offers you with two options.

  • Start with keywords
  • Start with website

Start with keywords: It shows you the volume of keywords and other relevant keywords for which you provided

Start with Website: It shows you the list of keyword that a website is optimized for, handy in competitor research.

Google Search console

One of the must-use tool for SEO, this free tool by Google is an epiphany among all the other tools. It lets you know how google bot’s see your website, what they crawl, and how you can monetize it. Using this tool you can better index your website.

This tool shows you the list of keywords you rank for, the impression you receive, and also no of clicks you get for a particular keyword.

It also shows you the number of inbound and internal links that your website contains.

Bing webmaster 

This is a free tool by bing, just like Google search console this is a webmaster tool, helps you to track bingbot behavior on your website.

This is an underrated tool that when utilized has a lot of potential under its cap. Right from keyword research to backlink audit, bing has released a beta version which includes the above-mentioned tools and a lot more. 

Answer the public.

Answer the public is a great tool for content ideas, it pulls out the most asked questions and autosuggestions from Google. 

Just type in your keyword, ATP will show you the list of ideas on a volume basis. This comes in handy for FAQ pages on your website.

Google analytics

A powerful analytics tool for which the sky is limit, you can track loads of information right from website clicks to user behavior and a lot more.

Google my business

Google my business is a local business listing tool which is a major factor in driving local SEO for your business.

Google trends 

Yet another free tool by Google, which can be used to monitor trends around web. It shows you a graph of search trends for a particular keyword specific to regions.

The region is set to US by default


GTmetrix is a tool that measures the website’s loading speed and suggests a list of optimization for your website.

Page speed insights

This tool by Google is yet another tool to measure website loading speed, the only difference between page speed insights and GTmetrix is that GTmetrix actually loads the website while page speed insights just look at the website’s code.

Ahrefs keyword tool

Freemium tool from ahrefs which has pretty limited function as a free tool, it limits the volume of keyword results just by the keywords you searched for. 


Niel Patel’s ubersuggest is a great tool overall in terms of SEO, although it is limited by certain functionalities when you are using the free version. The tool has got it all right from SEO domain analysis to backlink audit.

Even though the results are not pretty accurate, ubersuggest is a decent free tool. It does a good job when it comes to keyword research.

Page analytics by Google 

This is a Chrome extension for Google Analytics, which allows you to see how customers interact with your Website including what they click, what they don’t.


This tool is one of its kind, it lets you gather a list of most commonly used words in Reddit. This tool developed by r/bigSEO – a subreddit, which scrapes keywords from subreddit. Even though this tool works only with subreddit of more than 100,000 followers. is a content idea generator, which provides a list of long-tail content ideas for SEO. However, this tool is slightly different from how answer the public works, list out what people also asked it shows more detailed long-form content whereas answer the public shows you list of suggestions which is an autocomplete of Google. 

Both tools have solve different problems, take a look at the screenshot of the same search query from both the tools.

Keyword everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox, which shows you a list of other popular keywords and What people search for along with search volume and other metrics like CPC and competition rate.

This is a freemium tool,  which is recommended by even some of the top marketers. Its a cross-platform tool meaning it has integration with other platforms like Amazon, search console, Google Analytics, YouTube and more.

Yoast SEO

This WordPress plugin is one of the most famous and highly effective tools for WordPress SEO. This is a must tool for WordPress.


This is a Google SERP snippet tool to understand how title, description and URL is shown in the SERP( search engine result page). This helps in deciding the length of title, description.

Structured data mark-up helper/tester.

A structured data mark-up helper is a Google webmaster tool, which helps you to generate HTML code for structured data. HTML code is of Json-ld (recommended by Google) or microdata.

Structured data mark-up tester is tool to test if a piece of snippet/ website URL has any structured mark-up data and issues in the markup code.

MOZ bar

This is a free tool from MOZ this tool is a quite handy one, as it shows data like page authority, domain authority and spam score. PA and DA scores are developed by Moz, representing the authority of a website. It measures the quality of links and some other factors to decide these scores, even though exact metrics have never been revealed by Moz. This also shows other details like meta tags, keywords, H1 tags, rel=canonical, IP address, and much more.


This is an SEO audit tool for, which is also available as a chrome plugin. This tool Shows a list of improvements and technical suggestions to improve your SEO score.


An SEO plugin that shows you details like Alexa rank, Google indexed pages, SEMrush score, backlinks and more regarding SEO.

Screaming frog

Screaming frog is an desktop tool, which crawls your website to find out details regarding SEO by extracting data and auditing common SEO issues. 

It does have limitations in free versions which allows you to crawl a limited no of URLs. 

This is a keyword research tool that scrapes the query suggestions from Google, however, the free version has some limitations it doesn’t show search volume or competition rate.


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