Lead generation is an essential component in the business game, no matter how big or small a business is.

If you want your business to grow you need understand the nuances of lead generation, To put in a nutshell there is no way around it if you want to build your business growth.

Here I made a list of lead generation tips for small businesses to get more quality leads. 

Audience persona 

Knowing who is your customers is the foremost step in building a business, because not all people would want your service or product. 

It is always about the demand and supply, finding out people who needs your service or product the most is demanding task. 

There is always room for improvement, coming back to audience persona you might have chances to make it close to perfection. You might be just lacking a few data, trying pland experimenting different things let’s you llsize down to the correct audience.

Networking platform

One of the best way to acquire new clients is through networking and building relationships with other entrepreneurs and businessmen, because you will never know when opportunities knocks your door from the names of your network.

Some of the networking platforms for entrepreneurs 

  • LinkedIn
  • Bumble Bizz
  • Meetup
  • GitHub
  • Reddit
  • Quora

You might be wondering about some of the items on the list, I have created a detailed blog on some of the best networking sites and forums for entrepreneurs.

Networking dosen’t necessarily limited to online community and apps, it includes offline networking places where you can hangout with other entrepreneurs events, expo, summits and more.

SEO marketing

The big guy in the den, SEO is never to be underestimated eventhough unlike others in the list SEO usually ( not everytime ) takes a lot of time to deliver any foreseeable results. But it’s an investment for your business in the long run.

You don’t need to spend bigger bucks, people misconceive thinking SEO is expensive,

The answer is both yes and no

Usually bigger companies have large volume of pages and Higher competition which leads to higher price but for small businesses it’s easy to dominate the feild if the SEO is niche specific.

Inbound content marketing 

Content marketing is buzz of the decade, driving targeted traffic to generate leads through content is an art of modern day selling.

Deliver stuff that your target audience enjoy, care about, share with others and learn from. 

Outbound Emails

Usually outbound marketing strategy has lower conversation rate but its necessary, find a list of potential customers and email them.

Its all in the catchy title, make them convincing enough to be catchy for your customers.

Some of E-mail lead generation tools

  • Get prospect
  • Hunter.io
  • Reply.io

Multi-channel marketing and A/B testing

Not everything works out for some businesses, being multichannel helps you figure out what platform or feature works out for you. 

Whenever a social media platforms introduce a new feature it let’s you reach more people, test out more functionalities and features in your social media platforms.

Social media engagement

You can’t Avoid social media platforms, create amazing content, reach out to more people, engage them with messages, create contest on social media, reply to comments.

Build a following of High quality audience, let them speak more about you on the platform. 

Get creative elements into your post and create for multiple platforms.

Word of mouth and referral

In B2B Word of mouth is the best marketing method there is, really care for your customers needs in building them a stable business.

Because when you do, your work speaks and the best part is it spreads eventhough we live in a world of internet and online communication, refferal from people they know is strongly considered especially in high ticket products or B2B sales

Video content marketing

Getting comfortable with creating video content can work wonders for you, every year video consumption is surging higher.

Right from stories in instagram to videos on youtube average reach of video is 400% higher than any other form of content. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create a amazing content for your videos with increasing number of apps and platforms supporting short and long form video creation.


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