Global customers are right around the corner, dive into your audience segment in a better way to reach their ask. 

Digital marketing innovations have contributed various tools to create the right path for the business to attain a landscape in the rapidly evolving digital platform. Mapping the roads of digital marketing, with the rise of internet users we see changes in digital technology, AI, IoT, and customer experience, also the way society is responding.

Being 6 months down the line in 2020 and if you are still wondering if it’s time to figure out what you have missed out on digital medium, focus, and refresh the strategy board asap to stay afloat. 

Since consumer habits have changed slightly from the normal lifestyle, it’s important to target the audience wisely over the digital space. To meet the industry needs and make an impact,  it’s necessary to live up to the latest trend. 

So what are the latest trends? 

#Trend1- let chatbot’s play the game 

Here’s why chatbot fits into your marketing strategy. 

Integrating chatbot gathers data about every single person and further personalized shopping advice to every single customer on the shopping history and previous purchases. Chatbot is available 24/7, is quicker in responsiveness, and meets customer expectations with relevant notification to each and every user. 

But, most important is that chatbot tailors your marketing efforts, attracts new customers, and personalizes your social media profile. 

So, here is something that I can remember, in 2018 when Nike teamed up with a conversational AI project with the Facebook bot on AIR JORDAN BRAND, Targeting younger audiences, that worked like magic and it did become viral.

#Trend2- Getting your mail’s personalised beyond just the“Name”

I always stood by saying personalization is not just addressing with names, it goes beyond that. 

To get personalization right focus on the customer persona by mixing the attributes and segmenting them in the right manner. 

Let’s say, using the customer data to send them mails of the product that was searched on the website or to wish them on birthdays and anniversaries. 

The best way to send personalized mail is sending In-person email. 

Hubspot’s recent marketing test has proved that there was a change in the click rate of 0.73% to 0.96% when HubSpot started sending emails addressed by the real person from the market team. 

#Trend3- focusing on micro-moments

Micro-moments are the intent moments people decide to turn up to the device to do something, discover something, or buy anything that requires. 

Micro-moments do matter in marketing to capture the user’s attention at the right moment. It’s already difficult to reach the targeted audience along with it, it’s essential to reach them at the right time. 

Focus on creating a message which is to the point and easy to understand. And use them to increase brand awareness, this will keep you at the top of their mind in “I- want-to-know-moments”. 

This intent-rich moment creates the space to spread the message, which should satisfy the user with the offer required, or the information they need to act upon the desire. 

#Trend4- Allow your product-focused videos to speak for itself 

Let a specific product speak for itself. 

Product videos drive connection with the audience and increase brand awareness. A product video must carry a story, it should be creative and most importantly should stand outside the box. 

Let your audience, know about 

  1. What is it? 
  2. When did it start? 
  3. What’s the purpose of it? 

Talking about the product video, I will never fail to mention this video of Google’s evolution video- 20year’s journey 

#Trend5- Gain traction through Social media stories 

Stories perfectly fit the modern lifestyle, But I will tell you how it helps the brands to market? 

It gives liberty to have constant engagement with the audience, cost-effective, increases traffic, and connects you with the younger generation. 

The growth and usage of stories have given space for new features. Here I Will share a couple of them to focus mainly on. 

  1. Use more polls on Instagram stories. 
  2. Never miss out on adding links to social media content. 
  3. Use Locations.
  4. Spread some joy with the Snapchat filter. 
  5. Prioritize the call to action button. 

In spite of the popularity, stories are a big thing for marketers 

#Trend6- Creative content strategies to Dominate SEO 

When you want to be growing strong in the digital space, the key is to have an effective command over your SEO presence. It isn’t about just keywords for it involves research, expertise in your industry, and understanding your audience.

For content always remains the king- I prefer using this phrase and feel it is right to say so.

SEO and Content marketing always go handy. There is numerous content available on the internet but how do you stand out? 

Okay, here are a couple of things that will help you stand along with the trend. 

  1. Develop your content more result-focused.
  2. Increasing website traffic- the primary goal.
  3. Distribute content on the social platform.

Discover your result driving content, put them onto the filterable list, and start focusing on these topics. 

Keep a track of local search results, as it proved 50% of local searches on smartphones have led to taking action. 

With SEO, consistency is the key to increase engagement. 

#Trend7- Minimalised experience 

I read this on my LinkedIn feed –  which is relatable to the current scenario.

This got me thinking if it was right, Later I couldn’t deny it. 

“ If Shakespeare offers me to write content ” – I will deny It, not because I want to sound rude or that I’m arrogant. 

It’s because I want my viewers to understand what my content is. 

Shakespeare has perfect English, but not many understand his jargon? 

Isn’t that true?

Start focusing on keeping the contents on your site or campaigns simple and more understandable. Create seamless user experience and give more clarity. 

Website is the face of your brand, so the first impression is always the best impression- never forget this rule. 

In the recent pandemic, every brand expressed in a minimalistic way to stay home and stay safe. Here is a glimpse of it. 

Wrapping up

I know there are more things to this, which have not been mentioned here. 

But, the key takeaway is to keep track and follow with these trends to live up with the current market. Trends are time-being, hence it’s required that we act fast on it, being proactive is the key. 

The core of these formats will be retained for a long time. A couple of trends, mentioned here, have existed for a long time and also are known for ruling the marketing segment dominating the digital space. 

The best part of marketing is getting closer to customers. How close is defined by, the campaigns


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