The intimacy of communication has the power to make listeners feel things. It’s easy to perceive information with an emotional connection.

From the days of audio blogging in the ’80s and actually getting named as “Podcast” in 2004 to now for having a huge outbreak in 2019, the podcast industry created a milestone.

And considered to flourish and gain more growth in the coming days.

The evolution of podcasts or audio storytelling has made itself easier for the audience to consume any small information or a complex topic. And has given leverage to marketer’s to reach far more audiences in a better and new format.

As a consumer, I find it more fun listening to the conversation about a brand, over the podcast in the middle of something or while sitting on my system for a long time.

It creates a sense of connection with the content creator when the voice is heard, as the emotion behind the words is transparent and that’s how we grew up listening to emotions on the radio.

Also, isn’t that the easiest way to absorb more information?

“Most people that I know are interested in on-demand stuff; podcast is essential audio Netflix” – Jordan Harbinger

How will podcasts help business?

I am not suggesting podcasts for all businesses. But, for the ones who want to get connected to the consumer, this is the right way.

Podcasts can do anything and everything to your business, Okay let me put it this way, podcasts can talk anything about your business – How your journey started or what your business does, your experience, thoughts, perspectives, and a lot more.

Just imagine putting all of this onto the blog. Is it the best way to reach the consumer?

No right, this doesn’t mean I’m telling blogs aren’t useful- it has its own list of benefit onto your marketing, clubbed with SEO and various things, but what I mean is, it’s much easier to communicate through voice and expressing your emotion better than in writing.

What is the actual leverage podcast bring onto a business

Builds brand loyalty

As modern marketer’s we stress on “loyalty strategy” for a brand, Surely a podcast makes this practical for us. We focus and thrive to create good content along with that it’s also vital to put that across to consumers in the right format.

I firmly believe this “ People ignore ads but they love great content- they even go in search for it “

Perfect fit for a busy schedule

Nobody has got time, It’s easier to listen while traveling or in-between any other tasks. And as an entrepreneur or a business owner, this is just as simple as to show up and talk depending on your time.

Attracts an apropos client

The podcast is more of an educational platform. Keep focused on the B2B podcast. It will lead you to the niche of your segment and deepen your business relationships. Eventually, it will lead you to your prospective client.

Brings about fun

Podcasts will lead you to a lot of people who can create an impact on your journey and the same from your side as well. It brings connection with the listeners and the opportunity to share your experience and joy to the world.

Attracts New audience

A content narrated through voice medium is more engaging and connects a vast audience. Start sharing stories with a meaningful narration and creative angle. Unlike radio programs, even with one on one interviews, podcasts can be turned into a cinema, if produced well.

Podcasts create community

A loyal listener will follow you everywhere. The dedication of creating content and bringing it in front of a larger audience is a painstaking effort, which will be cultivated into a community for the brand.

Podcast explores deeper

The term authenticity is overrated in marketing, but with the podcast, it’s a completely different story. Writings bring more restriction to the story, through narrating it’s your choice to edit and cut to present the best.

The merrymaking of a podcast!

Though the podcast was slow to take up in India, now it’s creating a loud boom across various industries. With the fierce market competition, music streaming apps have also included podcasts in various genres across various streams- Technology, business, Sales, and more.

In spite of being a technical job with editing, content creation, and a proper recording setup doesn’t seem that difficult to create one.

I know you are wondering, does this really make sense!

Unlike in the U.S or other countries, where every third person listens to a podcast channel while here in India, we are yet to move onto that phase. It is very easy when you blog, writing it on medium or any other source and so on but with the podcast, investing time and effort on it would reach far more people and create a funnel to the prospective clientele.

Let’s play the game here.

Make it very simple, push all the strategic stuff aside. Focus on the equipment, have crisp content and record your first episode. And the ball starts rolling, you create your own channel connecting to the audience at large representing your own self and creating your persona.

In the process, be very clear on the content which you share with your audience. Let your first circle know about your podcast and promote your episodes through your own social media pages and business pages.

Grab the new platform to make the best use of the opportunity, be clear to steer forward in the direction. Setting the right tone for your product through your podcast channel, gaining traction, garnering visibility thereby growing your brand.For, podcasts are sure to stay.


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