Brand Voice-  A guide to discovering yours.  

With all the branding efforts into your business, Imagine how it looks without a voice on to it. 

Though having a voice, what if it is not as strong as it needs to be, to reach the customer? This will put all your marketing and branding efforts down the tubes. 

As a marketer, the cycle of brand personality leads with three-phase as the backbone to one another.  

How do you define your brand voice? 

Firstly, the voice should go handy with your brand personality

Setting your mission statement strong will help you define the personality of the brand 

For example with the brand,  NikeJust Do It 

The brand voice of Nike is very powerful, confident, inspiring, and motivating. It does not stop by giving the experience of wearing sportswear but goes beyond to make their  customers feel loved and enthused while wearing them. 

Moreover, the brand’s campaigns are around the sports and fitness industry, but their customers are not restricted to that industry; they are vast.  

Here’s a glimpse of a table that you could refer to for creating a strong brand voice. 

 Image source- Markettecs 

Second, Is to develop the right tone for your voice.

The common misconception is thinking, this is a luxury to the brand. 

How often we as children were told to use the right tone while speaking, the same goes here. Moreover,  translating the exact words with the right emotions is building a personal connection with the audience for the long term. 

Naturally, what you are conveying is equivalent to how you are saying it as well! 

Let me take a moment and explain how the dimensions of the tone works, having given a  thought on adding value to your brand, getting it placed right, between the audience is always challenging. To overcome this adjusting the brand statements is impossible but differentiating it with the tone will make your job easier. 

Image source- Tidio 

Giving the right tone is defining the value of voice. But most important is using a suitable tone for all states of mind. 

Keeping it jovial and using humor brings stability, But be conscious enough not to go overboard. 

Pro-tip – Keep the tone neutral when you are unsure.

Last, the style 

Making it until here, style ensures your contents are rightly phrased, the tone is set accurately, and your voice is clear to the audience. 

Managing the style to the brand character is more effective if considered the buyer persona into the process. Style is not restricted to campaign focus but goes beyond adjusting to all aspects of the business. From carrying it in the simple mail campaigns to social media pages, websites, brochure, AI language, etc. 

Image source – NOW 

Setting exact guidelines on how you need to be reached to your customers will help you figure out the strategy

We have always spoken about how humane connection drives the audience. Exactly, that is the most important consideration of the Brand voice theory. 

The key elements of style are dependent on the content. Creating an effect in writing positive content, building the attitude through the content, using simple language to get the mechanical aspects of writing-wise. 

How the brand voice will improvise the brand 

“ Customer relationship can make or break the business ” also “ customer experience is the purpose of  business “ 

How do you manage this in one go? 

That’s where we are heading, So the relationship with the customers is a path endorsed in the journey of the product prior to even analyzing the product market mix, and extends beyond placing the product into the market, for it is a continuous journey. Building an entity is possible by having a  destination designed, having in mind your purpose and the three essentials of branding as stated above includes the voice, tone, and style of your brand.

Establishing a brand voice will help the buyers to identify your product amongst the competitors, A well developed and friendly voice ensures you stand out in the crowd. 


To get it even simpler think of your brand as a fictional character – You are the master giving life to your brand. The motto is to bring happiness to the audience’s journey and keep them updated with your brand storytelling

To be a part of your consumer life, they need to know what your brand is, so you – You name it, describe it’s journey and introduce it to the world, upgrade him every now and then, keeping your customers well-connected and emotionally bound to your product. 

You are yet not delayed in the process, to find a voice for your brand. You can also reach out to Contique Global, we will do that on your behalf. 


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