No pain, No gain- How to overcome your social media barrier? 

Social media is an everyday tool for brands to reach out to their audience. 

Keeping a track of multiple pages on multiple social media platforms will head you to witness various challenging aspects. 

I have come across sayings like  “ Social media isn’t working for me “, which is also turned out to be the most used phrase from the current marketers. 

But this is not something new, every social media manager goes through this, no campaigns are promised, nor there are confirmed followers, also Constant strategies do not flow, for instance.

This drift happens from campaign to campaign, saying this can be fixed completely- “ is illogical “ But there are a couple of focus arrears to be tracked on to make it work better.

Let’s rise with –

Measuring Social media ROI 

Investing time, money, and resources into it, there should be a valid takeback! 

Is that measured?- “If yes” 


Mainly, when it comes to calculating Social media ROI, the easiest way I learned to measure it is through –  

Profit/ Investment x 100 = social media ROI % 

To implement the formula right, consider them as key elements. 

  • Define the purpose of social media into the business
  • Set your social goals
  • Are your goals campaign-specific
  • Keeping tab of social media expenses

However, knowing how to measure and what objectives to consider before measuring your social media ROI, will make your job easier. 

Lastly, how often it is important to the track social media ROI? 

I would say, do it on a daily, Weekly, Monthly, and quarterly basis.

Improving Organic reach 

With the fact that organic reach is nosediving, there is a life to it. 

So, how do you “master” the art of gaining organic reach?

Focus on these touchpoints!

  • Making content’s customer-centric 
  • Knowing your specifications 
  • Understanding the algorithms of all social platforms 
  • Engagement with the audience 
  • Delivering quality content  
  • Maximizing target specific audience 
  • Optimizing content for each platform 
  • Consistency- Consistency-Consistency

Organic as well as paid reach are equally Important, but organic reach gives the leverage to make more experiments with the strategies which can be later used for the paid reach. 

Building a Humanistic relationship

How to have die-hard Fans? 

This is what all the brands want – Let me stress 


Don’t you need a humane connection to get that – Exactly 

It’s very rare to be a fan without connection, All the brands you follow and love have got a connection with you. 

That’s the same thing you got to do – Build connect with your audience

Here’s how you can do that 

  • Having conversation with your audience 
  • Replying and responding to them 
  • Using humor in your content 
  • Spreading joy with content 
  • Sharing user-generated content 

This is social media, nobody wants to see the rigid side of the organization. 

We love to see brands killing it with their uniqueness. 

“ A recent glimpse of Spotify responding the audience tweet left us awestruck “

This move of Spotify proved us how important it is to respond to the viewers. Definitely this experience to that guy is one, that he will never forget. Small gestures like these from brands to consumers will keep us on top of their mind. 

Designing your strategy 

Strategy is a particular phase, where most of the content gets stuck. 

Moreover, before building strategy, something that has to be understood is strategies are not constant; it requires “ revamp “ every now and then, from time to time.

In short, let’s talk about how to align with your strategy? 

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule, that is 80% entertainment in your content and  20% to promote your product. 
  1. Segregate your ideal customer based on 
  • Age 
  • Psychographic
  • Demographics 
  • Geographic
  • Behavioral
  1. Spot your social competitors and build a healthy relationship with them 

While developing on a strategy, focus on Short term and long term at the same time. 

Long term strategy- Let this be as your destination. 

Short term strategy- A journey towards the destination, even if there is a stop in-between, there is always another way to get there. 

Growing your audiences 

Growing an audience is pretty tough, but without an audience, there is no point in social strategy or optimization. 

Social platforms are unique in their own way, growing your audiences in them requires different strategies. 

Will add certain features, which can go handy with your brand. 

  1. Stay engaged in all the platforms   
  2. Consider influencer marketing 
  3. Use trending hashtags
  4. Offer giveaways 
  5. Run contestant 
  6. Engage audiences with video content 
  7. Reach out for featuring your page 
  8. Spread of word mouth

Growing your audience is not an overnight success, it generates over a period. Constantly engaging the audiences will keep you on track. 

Ultimate Focus 

Hope I have tried covering the basics of a social media pain points. 

Being hard on social media will make it even harder for the marketer’s to reach the goal- “ make it an easy go ”

Hope this guide opens up a couple of doors for you. 


Do comment below what were your social media challenges? 


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