Storytelling has been in existence from way back over generations, to engage the audience, making things clear and much easier to remember. We have known brands who have mastered the art of storytelling through a social video or short film. Brands have been communicating with us with their content in various forms, where storytelling has been the most engaging. 

In the rapid change of technological environment, marketing and brand identity is most important. But why is storytelling the most critical part of Marketing?

Storytelling pretty much speaks for itself, conveys about the brand, and states what it exactly does. If you are wondering whether storytelling and brand stories are the same, definitely not.

Brand storytelling is creating elements to characteristics and giving life to the brand by creating humane affection for the brand and clearly letting your customer know why this exists, why does it matter, and what purpose it serves. 

A quote by gary vaynerchuck about storytelling.

How is storytelling Different? 

We have to realize that building a connection and spreading it drives the customer to use your product or service. Storytelling creates a healthy connection by bonding the consumer and the product. 

As we all can recollect the Apple advertisement in 1984 on Macintosh Commercial Ad which said 

“ You’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984” 

Became the game-changing super bowl ad that defined creative Marketing.

How people realized they no longer need to turn up to super bowl to watch football. That’s the impact storytelling created on the viewers though it was just 60 seconds, aired only once. 

So what’s the transformation the brand needs to go through to attain this,

It starts with reframing the question for example – What is the positivity that needs to be put back into society? How to spread cultural awareness that’s followed by the brand? or say How to put value before sale? Yes, these have to be first solved in order to reach customer satisfaction.

Your Storytelling should be ethical, valued, and prompt in order to trust your brand. 

How are you going to set yourself apart through storytelling? 

There might be nothing much different in your brand or your competitor is doing the same as to what you are doing. How do you want to stand out in that crowd and still be kept alive all the time? Nothing to worry about it, there is always a solution to every question and a couple of brands have already proved this to us. 

We have known these brands for a long time and love them all the time for what they are, Let’s see what were the cool moves they took up to stand out in the market. We are aware of healthy competition between “Mc- Donalds” and “Burger King”. These two brands have always left us mesmerized by the way they campaign.

One of them was when burger kings announcing “ No Whooper’s Day for celebrating the cause of Mc-Donalds”. It was very sensible of the brand to make this move.

No whopper day poster by Burger king.

Or say when Burger king asking out Wendy’s for prom 

Burger king's billboard of asking wendy's for a date

We have also seen various moves of burger king who have used creativity as their competitive advantage to stand out in the crowd. Given a chance and to try things differently for even a small mobile post or a commercial ad can stand out in the crowd to create social presence. Most importantly the ad should not be sent to the viewers just as an ad, it should be seen as spreading joy and fun which moves the brand forward. 

How to create positivity in the competition through storytelling?

I call this brand power, turning every situation to be positive and still say it loud by complimenting our competitor and grab the limelight. We all are aware of Mercedes and BMW, have been competing in the niche automobile segment for decades, and always take the slightest chance to use their competitiveness to the other’s advantage. Along with this, we should definitely talk about the gesture of BMW dedicating a commercial to Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche on his retirement that just left all of us speechless.

That’s how friendly competition can look like. It’s so nice to acknowledge your competitor and still grab screen presence. This story brought us more connected to reality, understanding the brand power, and loving them more. 

How to personalise Storytelling? 

Content Personalisation is not a new thing in the market, But are we reaching far enough with our content to touch our customer’s emotions? What are we doing to make them feel wanted? Are their concerns valued? 

Solve this puzzle before taking a step towards personalization. Every word from the customer is vital. Talking about this all I can remember this ad from Airbnb which touched thousands of their customer’s hearts.

This story tells us “The world is more beautiful the more we accept”. When Airbnb guests were experiencing discrimination that was against the company’s culture, they set this message out strong, it reached thousands of people and made them feel wanted. Creating values inside our organization, understanding their vitality, setting it right to spread the same positivity across the world. We can change the way the world sees us, and be a part of their journey all through.

Grabbing the audience’s attention is what storytelling is all about, focusing on content in line with our culture to create a deep emotional touch with our consumers, engaging and interacting to last long in their memories.

We have to master the art of storytelling to stand out from the crowd of marketing. 


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