Traditional marketing is at the end of the cliff!! 

Marketers are figuring out new ways to innovate and implement their marketing needs.

Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

– Seth Godin

This above quote by Seth Godin, is so evident to the future of marketing is “content”. Though the usage of this term is only been in recent times, content marketing dates back to 1000’s of years. Some experts even claim content marketing started with cave paintings.

These theories can just be a story without any prompt evidence, but if one thing we as marketers can learn is brands rise and fall every other day but the one creates an impact is the one which leaves a legacy and a story to tell.

Did you know? Many organizations don’t have a solid documented content strategy, only 37% of organizations follow a researched and well-packed content strategy. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a set of tangible media elements that you share or own across channels or mediums in order to gain visibility and attention from your audience. 

Content marketing is a marketing technique with content at its core as a way of marketing a brand’s products and services through inbound marketing. It is a powerful inbound marketing tool, creating useful and valuable forms of content that a consumer finds useful and hence attaining a certain number of engagements and shares as a result.

When creating a content marketing strategy for your business, you should consider certain things in order to create a lasting impact on your brand.

  1. Who is it for?
  2. Will it solve a problem for your customer?
  3. Why should they engage with your content?
  4. What is unique?
  5. What channels you will publish on?
  6. What content format will you focus on?

Answering all these questions will help you in driving your content marketing to be better.

Why content marketing strategy is important?

People are more than aware of what they want and the quality they expect is skyrocketing, thanks to increasing no brands and availability to resources from anywhere in the world. 

Gone are the days, where marketing meant to be pushy and forcing products on the face of consumers. So, what works now?

Enter the age of content marketing!

Where Content is the king of marketing, and the customer is the center of focus. Content marketing revolves around what a customer wants, how to solve customer needs, and other aspects holistically improving the life of a customer and the brand. 

Structuring a documented content marketing strategy is one of the first steps in content marketing. Content marketing includes different types of media

  • Image
  • Video
  • Text
  • PDF
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

Image: A visual form of content is among the most famous and eye-catching, images require less attention to understand what they mean, compared to texts.

Video: video is the highest engaging type of content there is, every year video content consumption is on the rise.

Text: Text-based contents are the most meaningful, giving readers a better feel, yet attention span to a text-based content is very short. Engaging contents earn credibility from readers.

PDF: A downloadable form of content, checklists, route maps, surveys, and statistics are the common type of PDF submission content that people look onto downloading. 

Infographic: Infographic posters are great visuals that enrich explaining things in an easily understandable format.

Podcast: Podcast is on the rise, people listening to podcasts have been increasing exponentially, and is expected to be the next biggest content consumption method. Audio type of content gives listeners a better sense of feel to the listeners and an effective way of content consumption as we can learn even when doing other things.

How to create a content marketing strategy?

Now let’s dive into the details on creating your content marketing strategy

Define your marketing goal.

Content marketing can have varied goals, defining what you are hoping to achieve is a good way to start your content marketing. It helps you keep track of the results. 

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Traffic to your website.
  • Lead generation.
  • Thought leadership
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales

All of this is a part of your content marketing strategy, now when you are defining these goals, you have to craft your content accordingly in order to drive quality results from your content marketing strategy.

Each goal target different things, structuring your plan according to your goals can drive you tangible results. When creating a content marketing strategy, your goals can’t be broad, you might get lost and your data results won’t be accurate. Defining a single goal to your content strategy is as important as creating the content itself.

Brand awareness

Creating awareness about your brand, An impact that customers feel you exist in the marketing, not necessarily trying to achieve anything but reaching masses at large with an impact making them remember you.
Tangible results: Reach, Impact

Traffic to website

Increasing your site traffic, scaling your SEO optimization fo organic ranking, or PPC ad traffic to increase the no of visitors landing on your site. Either way, your goal is to increase targeted traffic because you don’t need an irrelevant audience, that’s wasting your effort and money.
Tangible results: Visits, Quality of visitors

Lead generation

Generating leads through your campaigns, who can potentially become your consumers, Not all your leads will be a convert but identifying quality leads and optimizing can be useful for better lead generation in the future.
Tangible results: No of leads, Quality of leads

Thought Leadership

This is extremely powerful when building a personal brand for yourself. Though leaders build a following around their values, thought, and expertise.
Tangible results: Followings

Lead nurturing

Following up with your potential leads, nurturing them, keeping them in your loop is a chapter all by itself.


Time to reap what you sow, converting your customers into consumers by selling your products to them
Tangible Results: Conversions, conversions rate, conversion value.

Customer retention and loyalty:

Custom advocacy is the real deal in scaling your brand to the next level, whether its B2B or B2C, it is effective to retain your old customers than searching for new ones.

Tangible results: Upselling, Referrals

Create an audience persona.

Creating an audience persona is really important when you know whom to sell, you sell better. Audience persona lets you understand your customer means, what they want, what they do, what are their interests and a lot more.

The catch is the more you know about your ideal customer, you will be able to position and create your content strategy accordingly.

Content audit.

Now, that you have completed all the basics, it’s time to dive in and create one!

But, what should they address or where should you post?

Choosing Content platforms and categories of content is equally important.

Whatever industry you belong to creating content can fall into different categories.

  • Storytelling
  • Solution addressing
  • Q&A

Basked on the format of content that we have seen before, we can determine which platform to start with.

Instagram – photo and short video

Facebook – photo and short video

WordPress – text, websites

Pinterest – image and infographics

YouTube – long-form video

LinkedIn – text

Twitter – text

Spotify – podcast.

The above mentioned are some of the major content creation and management platforms.

Content creation and publishing

And to the last part, creating content that is fresh and unique is a skill that you develop over time, when you create content 3 things come into play

  • Time 
  • Quality
  • Results

When all these play hand in hand, you end up achieving your goals.

Content calendars are useful for any individual or organization, to consistently create and publish content.  

That’s all there is. Thank you for making it to the end. Happy creation!! 

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