If you are a beginner to promote your business online then you are in the right place. 

Before knowing the tricks and tactics to promote your business online, there is something more important that you should be aware of.

YES, You read it right. 

In India according to research, 63% of the small business owners do not use online services, around 40% of the people feel their business is too small to own a website and for the rest 23% it’s the matter of affordability and lack of technical knowledge. But the percentage of internet users in India is more than 560million active users. The digital population in India has increased drastically as compared to a few years ago.

It’s very clear the digital economy in India is growing rapidly, every business has got a significant opportunity to grow by taking it to the next level for creating long term identity, growth, and expansion.

As entrepreneurs or finely suited businessmen, constantly exploring ways to promote and expand business becomes a priority.

Online mediums are viable to get us discovered to a far wider audience with a complex algorithm that search engines are backed upon, it has become a tougher playground since then. 

A couple of keywords and stuffing were all that was needed back then to rank on a search engine to promote your business online, but now it’s more like getting a Ph.D. degree, things are way different and are beyond just a couple of words put together. Google’s search engine algorithms (panda, penguin, and hummingbird), does a very good job in finding pages, that add value to the user’s search term.

With the wake of digital marketing and SEO, more and more brands are competing to make it to the first page Google ranking in an organic manner. Gone are the days’ spammy sites and other shady marketing techniques used to get results for promoting a business online. 

Dominating your niche on the search engine is really a longer and tougher game now but doesn’t cost a dime to start off with – let’s get started with.

Having a kickass website.

I call the website as the face of the company. 84% of the customers trust online recommendations. Website is the first step to promote your business online and does not stop just with giving service or product details but it’s also a virtual workplace working 24/7 to serve your business better. 

The website creates the first impression on your brand, It shows people what your brand represents and garners a sense of trust among the business associates. An attractive website gives bold attention to details like subscriptions, contact info, and other areas a visitor should focus on.

Websites with niche content drive better traffic when it comes to digital marketing, as they will be optimized around a specific set of keywords and meant for a smaller audience group.

As the world of web expands in all breadths and lengths, focusing on narrowed niche markets brings you a loyal customer base.

Create social media profiles

I completely believe social media as my closest point of contact with consumers. Websites are great, that’s where people come searching for your brand but when you need to connect to your customer and narrate your story nothing like social media.

With billions of people being active on social media, it is very easy to create your own niche regardless of place and time. Consumers don’t believe the brand until a meaningful connection is made, the various social platforms online carry its own unique ability to connect highly targeted potential customers. 

 A customer expects well researched valuable content, to make a decision on the choices. Social media is a showcase to your brand, it conveys the values of your business and credibility among consumers.

Listing your services/products in directories.

Classifieds and business directories are great ways to get your business exposed to the world, it’s the same as the newspaper classified, we used to get. Classifieds like Justdial, Yellowpages, and sulekha are better places to start across, they can also help your business to build trust and gain higher traction to the site. 

The basic online directories listings are free. All that it takes is to add your information and description to the site by linking the website to generate minimum traffic.

Local listings on google my business, yahoo local and bing’s tool are better to get your rankings higher up the list, on the other note it gives more information about your brand, helps you gain a sense of trust with your customers. 

More than exposure to the business listing helps majorly in the SEO strategies. This is the cheapest form of targeted advertising.

SEO optimization

Search engine Optimization is the ocean of digital marketing but to explain in a simple manner it creates an opportunity to convert a prospect into customers, although we won’t be talking in depths about SEO in this blog. 

SEO optimization is indeed a way to improve traffic to your site by working on your keyword, meta tags, and other SEO optimization techniques. Use Google tools like google analytics, search console, tag manager to work your website’s way up.

Ensure the website’s technical performance site speed,  size,  technical SEO to be on point.

SEO is more like a marathon than a sprint, so don’t get discouraged when you don’t get the results you are hoping for instantly.

Mobile-first indexing

We have reached an era where mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop, a recent survey has proved 70% of web traffic happens only on mobile phones. 

Google has made mobile optimization a top priority since 2018 and reported mobile-friendly sites are signals to be considered as bot affinitive.  The first thing to start with is optimizing existing content for the mobile view.

Search engines expect websites to be indexed and optimized for the mobile view, as people using phones never cease to decrease, optimizing websites for dynamic resolution will have a major impact on ranking your website better in SERP(search engine result page). 

Reach out to influencers.

We all have been influencers at a point, remember the time you suggested your friend/ family use a product or service.

That works well right? 

No matter how big or small business you own you need people to talk about your products. It’s very simple terminology the effort of reaching thousands of consumers is tuff, right influencers can reach a large number of people to build trust and visibility. 

Influencer marketing brings a lot of pros to the Brand, developing a strong rapport with consumers in building brand reputation. But Do some groundwork before choosing your influencers, check out their followers, engagement, and work with them to have mutual benefits that can be both productive for you and the influencer.

Even if you are a well-established business, influencer marketing has a huge impact on promoting your business online. It can be hard for the business to implement new ideas and promotional strategies. Influencers come in handy, associating your brand with influencers of your niche can be good for your business.

Facebook and Google ads

Spending a little buck on your ad campaigns to promote your brand on platforms can get you more profits. Facebook and Google are the largest two platforms. According to a statistic report, 106.5 billion dollars is spent worldwide on digital advertising platforms in the year 2019 and is expected to grow to 130 billion US dollars by 2022.

Unlike media campaigns, online campaigns are more selectively targeted to reach a specific audience based on demographics and psychographics (user behavior) understanding your target audience and behavior, this could be a piece of cake for scaling your brand and promote your business online.

These ad campaigns are bid-based, meaning the pricing tends to vary from time to time but choosing the right demographics, targeted keywords, and the audience gets you higher conversions/leads with a little ad spend.


Most of them think blogging is pretty outdated when there are other things in the market to create awareness, But let me remind you Blogging is the most important part of digital marketing.

A blog can really benefit you and your audience. It increases website to rank for keywords that surround your niche, and also gives an opportunity to get high-quality traffic to your site.

On the other side, educating and giving out better content is a high priority to reach out to more customers and consider buying products from you. Blogging is not an easy one, it takes a lot of time and effort to get better with your blogs, you can hire a freelancer to work on your blogs or work on it yourself. 

Pro tip: Search for blog related to your niche, try skyscraping blogs and content which are performing well.

Press release and article submissions.

In today’s world, nothing gets as far and wide as the media can get. It can either be an online media or TV media, press release sets your bar high. Submissions in news forums and articles can reach a large audience, which can benefit your business.

Releasing press articles regarding your business can shed some new light on your brand. Get in touch with publishers and media to publish articles regarding your niche.

Email outreach

Email outreach is often the most painful job there can be in digital marketing but when done right can get you better results than any other marketing strategy 

Gathering your potential clients through lead capturing forms and bulk emails from third party vendors and outreaching them takes time, tools like Mailchimp comes handy in creating a quite attractive Email strategy.

Be choosy with your email marketing content if not it could end up in spam or promotions folder Using terms like free deals and offers might trigger the algorithm to categorize your mail as spam or promotion, this can lead to your emails ending up lost.

Build a strategy giving free info, customized plans for your subscribers, be creative, and willing to experiment with what works for your niche.

Backlinking strategy

One of the most important parts of online marketing is backlinks, chances are you are new to backlinks or amateur.

Increasing site authority helps you to rank better. Backlinks act as a reference to your website. They are considered to be the word of mouth in the digital world, building authority links promote your business online.

Contact other brands or blog sites related to your niche and ask them for mutual links, make sure that the site you are linking to has a low spam score.

Pro tip: Use tools like Ubersuggest and Ahrefs to discover backlinks submitted by competitors, contact those sites, and ask them to point out to your site’s content. 

Contributing to online forums and groups:

Online forums and groups can be a great place for networking and getting more insights about your niche. Sharing suggestions and strategies from your experience builds trust among others. Business networking is as important as running a business. 

Heard this Phrase; “The richest man is the one who builds the strongest Network“  

I completely agree with this. 

The online forums and the network is not just a part of business development but it benefits in personal development, there are a lot of things we get to hear from other’s experience which can be taken as a reference to our business. Most importantly the network creates a good connection and this is where marketing gets even stronger. 

Giving suggestions and strategies that you have experimented with working on, being productive with your profile can help you build genuine trust among others and can grow your networking. Being active can also have other benefits, you get to know other’s insights and views and recent improvement in your niche.


No business can create a strong identity and be remembered without having a digital presence and so by virtue without digital marketing, a bold digital presence is far from reality, thereby losing out on reaching out to direct potential customers leading to a fall in footfall and decrease in sales, thereby losing out on large potential in the vast market.

At least in upcoming days, brand visibility on the online space is a crucial factor to promote your business online.

Data-driven marketing is the core of marketing, being able to target specific audiences allows your brand for faster scaling, all you have to do is think out of the box and be creative to ensure strong brand awareness, market visibility online as well as be more interactive on the online medium.

All that is required is big bucks to spend for your business or invest your time into it. It’s either your time or money or a right combination of both at the right interval with the most optimum market spend to acquire more customers.

Last but not the least, all of these tactics do take time to show results but it is sure to happen and bound to only grow stronger, better, and larger in the days to come thereby making your business stand out from the crowd.


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